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Background banner with a crab, lion and book. The crab is rust's mascot, the lion is the mascot of Teχ and the book is Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming


To make progress, we heavily depend on donations. Thus, we will happily accept donations through the following channels:
platform legal receiver costs
github sponsors Verein[1] TODO
paypal donation Verein[1] TODO
SEPA money transfer typed;software[2] 0 €
„Verein zur Förderung von digitalem Textsatz“ is a legal, non-profit entity registered in Austria. The annual transparency report lists incomes/expenses of this entity.
“typed;software” is a for-profit company located in Austria and a sponsor of typho. Be aware that the Verein has no control over the bank account of typed;software. “typed;software” promises to forward all donations (trust, but no control). The option is still listed, because no external costs occur if they chose a SEPA transfer.

Payment options

We accept one-time donations as well as recurring donations. One-time donations might be suitable if you use our deliverables only once when developing a project, but it is later handed over to other maintainers. Recurring donations enables us to plan ahead and is more suitable if you want to support us long-term.


Any generic donations are dedicated to the high-level goals of typho. But we want to enable you to specify in more detail how we spend your donation. Thus when donating, you can optionally add the following texts:

We acknowledge that it would be an obvious next step to let you specify any other component or even issue number. Sadly, that is not how humans work. Solving a particular issue on command sometimes — but not always — makes sense. If we target a deadline for a feature, we don't want to interrupt our work. As a result the keywords above are a tradeoff between “specific enough for donators” and “vague enough for humans”. And there is no harm in contacting us to tell us what you would like to see implemented.

Transparency report

Every year, we publish a transparency report so you can see where funds have been going.

Members and contact

Hopefully, we will grow over time.